Humans are frugivores

We all have heard about omnivores, herbivore or carnivores. But what are frugivores? Oddly, most people have never heard the term that describes the dietary pattern of our closest living relatives, the apes, and, highly likely, our own natural diet: Frugivores are animals specialized in foraging fruits and with a...

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Adopting a fruit-based diet offers incredible benefits and life-changing transformations if we learn how to do this in a species-appropriate way. However, to be successful in the long run, we must follow nature’s rules without letting dogmas or culture get in our way. This guide helps you to adopt a high-fruit...

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Why a Fruit-based Diet?

Why a Raw Diet...

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Are We Frugivores?

Are you curious about what our species has evolved to eat? Are you on the quest for optimal health? Uncover the secrets of our evolutionary diet with our independent and dogma-free articles. Dive into our free guides and fruit-based healing based on science and experience.

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"We are frugivores - specialized fruit-eaters!" It was passion at first sight when I came across the intriguing concept that humans are adapted to a high-fruit diet, similar to chimpanzees...

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