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On this site, we talk a lot about the why and how to do a frugivore diet, but real-life examples and results are more valuable than a million words! I have hugely improved my own health, but I am not great at sharing personal experience, practical applications, or tracking success – which is why I refer to people who do! I burn for the big picture in nature and build a bridge between dietary practice and science.

There are a growing number of raw vegans and fruit-based people that report their experiences and knowledge. Each one has a slightly unique view that is reflected in their books, videos, and more.

Please note that I do not agree with everything of all the authors, but find much value in seeing and explaining the topic in different words and ways!

Teachers and Healing Books

1. Don Bennett Health101

Don Bennett Health 101 is a science-based health educator and author who specializes in the field of raw food nutrition, veganism, and the “healthiest raw diet” – as he emphasizes that not all raw diets are truly optimal and species-appropriate. He has been involved in the health and wellness industry for over 30 years and has dedicated his career to promoting the benefits of a plant-based diet and a holistic approach to health.

2. The Grape Cure

Grape fasting is also know as “the grape cure”: a detox approach with grapes only as a source of nutrition for a specified period of time. The practice of using grapes for therapeutic purposes dates back centuries and has been associated with various health benefits.

The grape cure typically involves consuming only grapes and water while avoiding other foods and beverages, especially processed and mucus-forming foods. The grapes can be eaten as whole fruits, juiced, or turned into grape smoothies. Some variations of the grape cure allow the inclusion of other fruits or raw vegetables in small amounts.

Little Book with huge effect: One of the most motivating, powerful, compact healing book is “The Grape Cure”, written in 1927. Johanna Brandt wrote this short book based on her healing experiences with week-long grape fasting. It includes practical guidance and the stunning regenerative effect she noted on herself and others in this experiment.

3. Dr. Robert Morse – Regenerative Detoxification

Dr. Morse is the man to go to for fruit detoxes and detoxification crises. His programs are designed for short-term health issues and also include herbal support for the organs. However, it is not suitable for long-term dieting.

Also, visit Dr. Morse’s website Rawfig.com
Dr. Robert Morse is a biochemist and has amazing insights into the metabolism and the role of the lymphatic system, detoxification, and food in the body’s own regeneration.

4. Sadhguru / Indian ancient culture

Another interesting perspective on fruits is given by Sadhguru – a well-known Indian mystic – which shows us that this is nothing new, even in ancient human cultures! It is noteworthy that India is a tropical country – a fortunate circumstance that enabled people to know the healing power of tropical fruits. In contrast to people living in colder climates.

Sadhguru often mentions the healing power of fruits to his large audience!

5. Prof. Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless Diet

Arnold Ehret is a Westerner (German) health teacher from the late 19th century that discovered the healing power of raw foods, even in a colder climate: Ehret believed that the accumulation of mucus in the body was the root cause of many diseases and ailments. He advocated for a diet primarily consisting of raw fruits, vegetables, and non-mucus-forming foods, avoiding mucus-forming foods such as animal products, dairy, processed foods, and refined carbohydrates. Ehret taught that adopting a mucusless diet would promote detoxification, strengthen the body’s natural healing abilities, and restore optimal health.

Real-life Examples of Fruit-based People and Raw Diets

No doubt, teachers are necessary, valuable, and fascinating! But, what often convinces us most are real-life experiences. Therefore we are grateful for the many amazing people that LIVE the fruit-based raw diet and actively report about it!

They have found the fountain of youth!
30 Years of fruits – an impressive example on how sustainable fruits are for the human body!
We just love his open-minded approach to raw foods and his dedication to find answers to everything!
She is the woman that ends the war on sugar and carbs!

Fruit Diet and Raw Diet on TV

These videos about the beautiful long-term raw vegan Annette Larkins does not get old, too!
Raw vegan athletes are emerging all over now. This athlete was one of the first and eats fruits only… great courage!


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