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Our Mission

Rediscovering the species-appropriate diet of humans

By exploring the question “are we frugivores?” we go on the quest to find the species-appropriate diet of humans. After coming across mind-blowing, but convincing, information about humans possibly being biological frugivores, we started to challenge the common perception of humans as typical omnivores.

Why does our frugivorous biology matter?

Knowing our evolutionary, species-specific diet is the compass in the ever-growing contradictory jungle of diets. The truth is simple, the opposite of confusion!

Thus, on frugivorebiology.com, we dive deeper in order to find biologically sound and plausible answers about the natural – and thus healthiest – human diet. We gather and investigate unconventional information for anyone seeking to take their health into their own hands. Can we ever prove to what diet we are best-adapted to? Probably not, but having a fresh and deep look into our dietary biology can give us solid information to broaden our view – and finally decide for ourselves!

Know your biology – know your diet

What is the human natural diet? Species-appropriate (or species-specific) nutrition and lifestyle require re-discovering the original human ecological niche, our place in nature. Further, besides studying biological aspects, this journey also includes learning to trust our instincts and knowledge. Gain a truly new perspective and confidence to become your own healer every day. 

Becoming aware of our biology and embracing it, is essential on this path. Sticking to our biology and striving to imitate the habitat within we have evolved, will maximize our amazing self-regenerative life force that is present within all living beings and – by default – is programmed to strive towards “survive and thrive” every single instant. We just need to stop sabotaging ourselves with the constant toxic overload of “modern” life and with a diet that is far away from what our biology demands. Just watch the miracle unfold…

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Our Mission

Are we frugivores?

Exploring the species-appropriate diet of humans.

We challenge the dietary classification of humans as omnivores. Why does this matter? Because knowing our evolutionary, species-specific diet is the compass in the ever-growing contradictory diet and health jungle.

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