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Hey, dear fellow seeker of truth in nutrition and regeneration. To question everything does not make you everybody’s darling, but you sure get to have a unique path. I do not believe that I hold all the answers, but I feel we are onto something when we ask: Are humans frugivores? This question changes the way we understand human nutrition!

My name is Martina, and I am determined to know all about the human species-specific diet. For this purpose, I am convinced that biology must meet nutrition! Knowing about our origins, our ancestral ecological niche, and comparing humans to those species that are remarkably similar to us – the great apes – can reveal life-changing insights. Especially when paired with holistic health and nutritional science.

“To get the best functionality and regeneration of the body, we need to find out who we are in nature without letting our cultural filters get in the way.”

If I had to label myself anything, I would probably call myself a naturalist. I am formally educated in biology and ecology. But, I truly believe we never stop learning, and some of the most valuable insights come from the simplest moments, live experience and from nature. I am grateful to encounter myself at a point in life where I can integrate a reductionist academic approach with a higher perspective – and a growing awareness of the world we live in.

  • Nutrition Science at Stanford Center for Health Education
  • Courses in detoxification and mitochondrial health
  • Overcoming my autoimmune condition naturally in 2013 changed my path
  • Intern at Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL, “Adaptive Genetic Variation of Silver Fir in Switzerland” (link)
  • M.Sc. in Biology, Ecology UZH, University of Zurich (link)
  • B.Sc. in Biology UZH, University of Zurich
  • Growing up in a family that founded a local business focused on organic foods, natural remedies, and herbalism in Switzerland in the 1980s

As you can clearly see, I am not a “picture person,” but you get an idea of me, lol. I live with my family in Switzerland, but I have stayed in tropical countries for some periods of time and have extended family in Africa. My personal goal is to be a human that does not cause harm but contributes towards transforming this place into a better place for everyone.

You can contact me here at [email protected] or read more of my posts here.

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Martina Spaeni Lima, MSc

"We are frugivores - specialized fruit-eaters!" It was passion at first sight when I came across the intriguing concept that humans are adapted to a high-fruit diet, similar to chimpanzees...

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