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Frugivore Diet Guide: Full Benefits, No Mistakes!

Adopting a fruit-based diet offers incredible benefits and life-changing transformations when done correctly and dogma-free. Learn the basics of our species-appropriate diet to keep the success in the long run. This guide helps you to adopt a high-fruit diet in a healthy way – without the common mistakes that many had to learn the hard way...

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What Are Frugivores? Finding Back to the Natural Human Diet. A New View.

We all have heard about omnivores, herbivore or carnivores. But what are frugivores? Oddly, most people have never heard the term that describes not only the dietary pattern of our closest relatives, the apes, but also our own preferences: frugivores are fruit-eaters and lovers! This overview might just illustrate why we are born with a sweet...

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Comparing Frugivore and Fruitarian Diet: What You Need to Know About Safety

A fruit-based diet is not a new idea, but it is gaining more attention with the rising awareness about the frugivorous ancestry and characteristics of humans. However, there is confusion about what a fruit-based diets actually look like and how healthy they are. The distinction between a “frugivore” and a “fruitarian” diet...

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Natural Human Diet: A Guide to Species-Specific Foods

What is the natural human diet? What would we eat in our natural habitat? And what have we evolved to eat? Those are highly relevant – but severely neglected – questions in nutrition that we should ask ourselves when pursuing biologically appropriate foods for our species. After all, a species-specific diet is the natural compass that...

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Fruit Evolution: Why Tropical Fruits Are Healthier Than Temperate Fruits

Tropical fruits are the most underrated and neglected superfoods! The evidence on why tropical fruits are essential for optimal health is not only found in nutritional studies – it is based on human evolution. Let’s explore our unique relationship with exotic fruits and why they are even healthier than temperate fruits. Evidence of...

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Natural Detox: How to Cleanse with Fruits

This guide gives you an overview of how to regenerate and detox with fruits. The approach is the human species-specific diet and, thus, the most natural and effective way you can choose. The cleansing power of fruits is ancient knowledge that is being rediscovered by health seekers, but also – slowly – by science. Detox – not...

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Biology Meets Nutrition

Are We Frugivores?

Are you curious about what our species has evolved to eat? Are you on the quest for optimal health? Uncover the secrets of our evolutionary diet with our independent and dogma-free articles. Dive into our free guides and fruit-based healing based on science and experience.

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Martina Spaeni, MSc

"We are frugivores - specialized fruit-eaters!" It was passion at first sight when I came across the intriguing concept that humans are adapted to a high-fruit diet, similar to chimpanzees...

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