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Medical Disclaimer

The information on frugivorebiology.com is being collected, investigated, and shared in best faith by a university-trained biologist. However, the content on this website serves informational purposes only, without any guarantee of complete accuracy. It is not intended as medical advice. Under no circumstances shall the authors of frugivorebiology.com have any liability to you for reliance on the information published on this site.

The articles do not address any medical condition. If health-related topics are mentioned, they exclusively address the functional integrity of the biology of the body. Frugivorebiology.com is not a medical site; it’s a health-oriented site that strives toward the body’s best functionality. If you have questions or concerns regarding your medical condition, please contact your medical practitioner or healthcare provider.

We are all responsible for our own health and for making well-informed decisions towards providing the body what it needs and protecting it from what it harms.

Dietary perspective and health disclaimer

This website presents a perspective on human diets from a biological standpoint, emphasizing the evolutionary aspects of human food sources. The author’s background in biology is the fundament of this natural approach, which may differ from conventional nutritional advice. It’s intended to provide a broader understanding of the role of fruits in human nutrition:

Purpose of the website: The aim is to advocate for the increased inclusion of fruits in modern diets, drawing upon biological and evolutionary evidence. This book does not prescribe a strictly frugivorous diet but rather emphasizes the potential health benefits of incorporating more fruits, particularly tropical fruits, into a balanced diet.

Nature versus culture: The contents of this website distinguish between what is described as a ‘natural diet’—based on biology—and ‘cultural diets,’ which have emerged due to agricultural practices, regional availability, and cultural traditions. The ‘natural diet’ primarily focuses on the consumption of fruits, especially tropical varieties, based on the hypothesis of human evolutionary adaptations as frugivores. In contrast, ‘cultural diets’ refer to the diverse eating habits formed through human history due to agriculture, cooking, and cultural evolution. Cultural diets require a balanced nutritional approach, while natural diets of animals are patterns observed in the wild. The author of this book is not advocating that a frugivorous diet is the right diet for everyone or that a frugivore diet is risk-free. If you are interested in transitioning into a frugivore diet, please visit our guides and articles on frugivorebiology.com to understand more about risks, pitfalls, and nutritional supplementation.

Balanced diet acknowledgment: While highlighting the importance of fruits, this book acknowledges the necessity of a varied and balanced diet, especially because humans do not live in their natural habitat with its food sources. Therefore, the nutritional balance of modern diets is key to maintaining health, and this website is intended to enhance, not replace, the diverse dietary needs of individuals.

Consult healthcare professionals: It is important for readers to understand that individual health needs and nutritional requirements vary greatly. The information provided herein should not replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Before making any significant dietary changes, especially if you have health conditions or are on medication, consulting with a healthcare provider is essential.

No liability: The author and publisher shall not be liable for any health outcomes arising from the interpretation or application of the content. Readers are advised to approach dietary changes with caution and seek professional advice where necessary.

Fruits are our evolutionary foods

Are We Frugivores?

Are you curious about what our species has evolved to eat? Are you on the quest for optimal health by sticking to the human natural diet? Good! We have the same mission! Uncover the secrets of our evolutionary diet with our independent and dogma-free articles. Dive into our free guides and fruit-based healing  – based on science, experience, and a higher perspective.

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Martina Spaeni Lima, MSc

"We are frugivores - specialized fruit-eaters!" It was passion at first sight when I came across the intriguing concept that humans are adapted to a high-fruit diet, similar to chimpanzees...

Medical Disclaimer

The content on this website serves informational purposes only. It is not intended as medical advice. Read our full medical disclaimer here.

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