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How to Use Your Own Stem Cells From Menstrual Blood and Urine at Home

We have all heard of the miracle effects that stem cells unfold in regeneration. But few know that we can easily access and use stem cells for skin rejuvenation and trouble spots at home! Fortunately, the ancient knowledge about using the inner fountain of youth is brought back to light by modern science. Let's look into the two most easily accessible stem cell sources and how to use them... at home!

Use your own stem cells for DIY skin treatments

Stem cells are recognized in science as regenerative and rejuvenating treatment of damaged and aged skin. Generally stem cells are expected to be the turning point in modern medicine. The go-to sources of stem cells are bone marrowfat (adipose-derived stem cells), or blood (platelet-rich plasma). All of those require medical expertise and even invasive procedures to access.

But did you know that you have easy-to-access and cost-free stem cell sources from your body to do all kinds of DIY health and beauty projects? The ancients knew about it… and science is just rediscovering it! You can easily apply and use the benefits of your stem cells in the comfort of your own home by using your urine or menstrual blood:

Two of our own sources of adult stem cells are urine and menstrual blood.

Unfortunately, not many people are aware that we have those fantastic ways. So let’s see how to get the most out of our stem cells and their uses:

Urine contains stem cells!

Urine treatments effect explained by science

We have all heard at least one miraculous story about how urine helped someone and probably asked ourselves, “how is it possible that an excretory product is useful?”. Now we know that urine contains stem cells, which can explain the regenerative effects! So urine therapy is, in reality, a DIY autologous stem cell therapy.

The use of urine in health is an ancient practice. Now we know that it’s the stem cells in urine that explain the miracle!

Yes, it’s not a myth…your hippie friend was right about that.

This review of Zhou et al. (2022) summarizes the effects of urine: urine is shown to regulate the immune system, modulate oxidative stress, tissue repair and regeneration, and regulate apoptosis. They have found positive outcomes for the kidney, bladder, digestive system, nervous system, bones, muscles, and skin. These miracle outcomes are “typical” when using your regenerative magic cells – they do their job everywhere.

Urine therapy is a whole field of knowledge and practice in Indian tradition called Shivambu for fresh urine and aged urine, also called “Orin”. Orin has enhanced stem cell numbers and is potent for external application.

Is urine ingestion going against natural rules?

Do I personally recommend urine therapy? Yes, it is safe, well-documented in its benefits, and the off-putting instinctual argument is not always valid: it sometimes does follow natural rules to take in something the boy gets rid of (an argument often used against urine ingestion! Animals, including primates, ingest excrement because they benefit from a nutritional benefit! This is called coprophagia.

To understand coprophagia we need to understand that animals have innumerable mutualistic (beneficial) microorganisms (bacteria), that extend the animal genome with their extra metabolic abilities: the bacteria do biochemical stuff that animals and humans cannot do! 

For example producing vitamin B12, which is only done by bacteria, including some of the “good ones” in our intestines. Unfortunately, the synthesized B12 is excreted without being absorbed but is present in feces: “It has long been assumed that B12 is produced by bacteria in the large intestine (aka the colon), but since B12 is produced below the ileum (where B12 is absorbed), it is not available for absorption.” (veganhealth.org) Therefore feces are a source of vitamin B12 for herbivore species like gorillas (read more here).

Urine applications at home

Urine is topically used for skin problems but can also be used internally if the urine is fresh. Yes, you can drink your urine. Be aware, though, during cases of intensified detoxification (when you transition to raw), the urine contains more waste. So do not use your urine during a time when you are ramping up your detoxification plans or when you are taking therapeutic or synthetic bioactive substances.

“Aged urine” is if the urine is used a few days after its collection. By then, stem cells have time to multiply: one single stem cell can replicate 5-7 times within a few days. Aged urine is, therefore, potent, especially for skin applications. But it should be used with knowledge and some caution. Thus an in-depth book or guidance from a practitioner is recommended. 

Read empowering urine therapy testimonies from earthclinic.com here.

This TED talk on urine therapy was flagged for “falling outside TED’s curatorial guidelines”. In my book, this is a good sign, but see for yourself:

Menstrual blood contains powerful stem cells similar to bone marrow!

Menstrual blood effects explained by science

The ancients knew about the use of period blood for healing. And modern science is catching up on this knowledge, rediscovering the healing properties of menstrual blood. For example, one practical application of menstrual blood is repairing difficult chronic wounds. Dr. Jemma Evan of the Hudson Institute of Medical Research notes that the plasma from menstrual blood is more effective in wound healing than plasma from “normal” blood. Thus, menstrual blood is not only easier to access but also might be more potent in its regenerative ability.

The stem cell “potency” of menstrual blood seems to baffle researchers for its number of cells and the broad “differentiation capacity“! Their properties are comparable to stem cells extracted from bone marrow but proliferated faster (double the amount) when being cultured (Chen et al., 2019): “Such a highly proliferating rate and stably genetic characteristic, as well as the apparent pluripotency, suggest that the novel stem cells may exhibit unexpected therapeutic properties.”

Despite the unlimited supply, risk-free access, and enormous potential, there are very few clinical trials on menstrual blood stem cells.

Menstrual blood DIY applications at home

The use of menstrual blood for health and rejuvenation purposes is still a little-known practice today – a great loss, as the regenerative “juice” is powerful! Especially because we can get those stem cells effortlessly and cost-free, to use them at home for effective DIY applications. And lately, the number of people on social media that have started sharing their positive experiences with uses for skin and internal use is growing.

Examples of practical applications are beauty facials or applications, skin or gingival areas to boost the growth of gums after dental treatments. The way menstrual blood works in skin treatments is comparable to “vampire facials”: those plasma skin treatments rely on stem cells of “normal” blood and are popular among the rich and famous!

Instructions: To use your monthly blood, you can collect it in a menstrual cup. Or you can do a facial while taking a shower. Apply the blood directly to the skin (face or any other area that you would like to strengthen or have trouble spots) and let it sit for 15-20 minutes, then rinse carefully. Do not use any creams afterward, as many contain harsh ingredients that can negatively affect the living stem cells. The effect is intensified if you do a peeling beforehand.

Unfortunately, the use (external and internal) of period blood is still placed under a taboo and takes place beside the spotlight of science or media. Thus the art of using period blood in health and rejuvenation is mostly experimental.

Summary: To speed up the rejuvenation of your skin, you can use your own stem cells: the ancients knew that urine and women’s monthly blood were both potent sources of healing. Science is rediscovering the benefits and mechanisms behind those stem cell sources. Unfortunately, little is shared within society today about those easy-to-access stem cell fountains of youth due to the taboo around it. So, take matters into your own hand. Once more, true knowledge is power!

Also, learn how to naturally boost your stem cell power with tropical fruits here.


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