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Explain the frugivore diet to friends and family and make them go fruit with this easy-to-understand overview!

Hey fellow frugivore and truth seeker!

This easy-to-read, comprehensive eBook covers the most common and important questions concerning the fruit-based natural human diet. You will find the key points and knowledge of this blog compressed and well-organized into 25 pages.

A few examples are:

  • why fruits?
  • is eating a lot of fruits safe?
  • our frugivorous roots
  • “sugar is toxic” debunked
  • insulin and fruits
  • protein deficiency myth
  • fructose malabsorption
  • benefits of fruits
  • how to up your fruit intake
  • and much more…

Thank you for supporting my work by purchasing this ebook. I will keep spreading the dietary truth and helping to turn this world into a better place for us, the animals, and nature.

With love, Martina

This is not a hardcover book. If you purchase the eBook you will get a downloadable pdf and epub version of the same eBook: