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Fruitarian Recipe: “Nothing Compares to You” – Melon-Juice

Melon juices are simply the best – for a good reason: melons are sweet, watery fruits. Unlike most other fruits, they are naturally already mostly juice, which is why they are perfect for actually extracting the juice. Not just in terms of heavenly flavor, but nutritionally, as they remain very similar to the fruit. Very little is stripped, and, thus, it remains as close as possible to its original state.

Be aware: Due to bad-practices in watermelon production, the otherwise healthy fruits can contain high levels of nitrates leading to “watermelon poisoning“. Always check for the quality of your watermelon before juicing. It happened to me, and it is not fun, to say the least.

Nutrition: high in potassium, magnesium, and amino acids! It is also hydrating and is rich in water-soluble vitamins.

Watermelons contain the chemically fairly stable antioxidant lycopene (pink color), which allows you to store the juice for a bit longer than other fruit juices. We can perceive this when observing the long-lasting color and fresh flavor: it holds up much longer than other fresh-pressed juices. This feature makes watermelon juice a suitable drink to bring along when you travel or work, comparable to orange-juice or pineapple juice.

Read also this interesting study on how watermelon juice improves swimming performances in rats.


The sweeter and riper the melon, the better. We can juice every type of melon, and also mix them for a new flavor: watermelon, cantaloupe, or honeydew are common juices, that clean your intestines while transporting you to another reality for a few minutes: watermelon sugar high!

Cut the melon into pieces and juice them in a slow juicer. You can do it with a blender, too: blend the pieces and strain the juice with a strainer.

Melon juices can be mixed with some other fruits, that can be an enhancer: frozen strawberries, mangoes or lime are a good combination.

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